Getting Started

If you do not have an account, you need to register. There is no charge for this, but you will have to supply an email address to receive your password. You can then log into the site. The password is case-sensitive and must be entered as six capital letters. (The first time you will be invited to change your temporary password into a more memorable one.) You will then be able to see more of the site, though some parts are licensee-only.

The features of SwimOptimum are divided into three parts: Logging, Stroke Technique Analysis, and Race Analysis.

SwimOptimum provides a Swim Log for keeping track of your training. You can enter how much training you do each morning and afternoon and see how you're meeting your targets week-to-week. We also provide a facility for tracking your race times. This will let you track your improvement as well as automatically tracking your Personal Bests. If you have an ASA number, many of the times from your important races will already be stored by the ASA, and SwimOptimum can import these automatically.

Stroke Technique Analysis is a service unique to SwimOptimum. You can analyse your own stroke, rating yourself in 20 areas and recieving advice on how to correct your stroke. Your club coach, if they are a member of SwimOptimum, can do analyses of your stroke for you to see, and you can purchase a SwimOptimum analysis from us, where our professional coaches will analyse your stroke and give world-class advice on how to improve. We rate your stroke from 100 to 1000 on our own SwimOptimum scale; this has been seen to correlate with how well a swimmer performs in races, making it a useful measure of your stroke quality.

Race Analysis is the other main service SwimOptimum provides. By uploading a video to our Race Analysis Editor, you can easily capture events as they occur in the video and our software will convert these into powerful statistics to let you know just where you can save those vital extra seconds. We also provide a way to compare your races against each other, so you know just what you did differently to get a Personal Best! All the race analyses that you have saved on your account are viewable via our SwimOptimum Reports.

The main benefit of a license are being able to perform your own analyses. The more you have, the greater the benefit, as you can view comparisons between them. Transfer the video from your camera into your C:\SwimOptimumVideos folder (create the folder if it does not exist) and start analysing. If you don't have a license, you can purchase one online easily. You will receive an email when we have confirmed your payment.

SwimOptimum uses the Microsoft Silverlight technology to run the Race Analysis and Stroke Analysis editors. If you haven't already installed it, please click here to go to Microsoft's page and download it there. You will require Silverlight 5.0 or higher to use SwimOptimum's applications.

Have a look at the video clips in the Help section to see how to use the Race Analysis and Stroke Technique Analysis tools.