Introductions to the Race Analysis Reports for both Swimmers and Club Coaches

NOTE: Remember you will need to have analysed at least a few races in the Editor before these reports will be useful. The more, the better, as there is a 'compare' feature you can use to compare different races; more on this later. If you are a Club Coach it would benefit you to read the Swimmer's report help section as well, as everything they can see, you can see too.

See our sample Swimmer's Report by clicking here.

See our sample Club Coach Report by clicking here.


The first page you are shown is a simple list of all the races you have analysed in the Race Analysis Editor. Here you can sort the races by any of the columns you see and filter by measures such as stroke type and distance.

If you click the link on the top left, you will be taken to a more detailed view of the same information, this time displaying various stats for each race (length time, breakout distance, underwater velocity etc.) which have been averaged over all the lengths in that race (except for stroke count, which is summed). Of course, only the stats which you have measured in the Race Analysis Editor will have values. We encourage you in your race analysis sessions to record as much information as possible so that you will get the most out of these reports.

You can sort by these new stats, and in both the Simple and Detailed Race Views you can look at a single race in more detail by clicking the 'Go' button on the far right.

The Single Race Analysis Pages

On clicking 'Go' you will be taken to the Race Summary page, which lists the average, maximum and minimum stats for this race, along with a graph detailing your breakout distances and event times for each length. Take care with the axes - the breakout distance is measured along the bottom and all the event times are measured across the top.

On the top left you will see four links which show you different aspects of the race you have selected. At the top of each of these pages is a drop down menu which allows you to change the race you are looking at whenever you please. There are also sorting capabilities available for those menus.

You probably know what "Length Times & Speeds" and "Breakouts, Turns & Strokes" contain. What you won't know is that there is also a race comparison mechanism built into these tabs, which allows you to compare your selected race to one of your other races, a race from your own swimming club if you have one (anonymously), or a race from our list of World Champions' races (where you will be told which athlete the race belongs to). The comparison race is selected by largest/smallest average statistic over the race. So for example, you can choose to compare your race to a race from the "World Champion's races" which has the "largest average" "underwater velocity". Try it out!

"The Numbers" is a page detailing the raw data for your selected race. If the selected race is a medley race (relay or individual), the page contains the split times for each stroke too. It is included for your reference.

Compare Two Races

A slight variation of the comparison you have for the Single Race Analysis Pages, here you can manually select any two of your races to compare. There are 'Go' buttons provided also so that you can see any selected race in more detail should you wish to do so.

An extra feature on this page is the "Toggle Videos" option on the right just beneath the header. Clicking on this will bring up the videos corresponding to the races you have selected - as long as the videos are either on your computer, or published on YouTube. Tick the "Local" box if you wish to select the video from your computer.

Club Coaches

In addition to being able to see the Swimmer's Report for every member in your club, you have a special report which allows you see all the members in your club that have done Race Analyses in our Race Analysis Editor. You can filter by gender and age group, and sort by all the columns shown. After selecting a user's races to view, or clicking "See all races", you will be taken to a list view of your club's races similar to that shown in the swimmer's report.

In the Club Coach Report, the "Compare Two Races" section allows you to compare any two races of members of your club.

Enjoy Reviewing Your Races

We are confident that our reports will allow you and your coach to better understand your own technique and habits, which you can then use to improve your swimming technique and times. If you think there's anything else we should add to the reporting, please let us know!

We sincerely hope that they help you become a better swimmer,

The SwimOptimum Team