Introduction To Stroke Analysis

The SwimOptimum stroke technique analysis is a new method, specifically designed to give a quantitative assessment of your stroke and allow you to pinpoint areas where you can refine your technique.

What Is A Stroke Analysis?

A Stroke Analysis is a set of measurements of how well you performed in a variety of areas of the stroke; for example, your body line.

There are a few example Stroke Analysis reports we provide so that you can see the kind of feedback you can expect to receive:
  1. Swimmer One - Slow Motion Video - BR
  2. Swimmer Two - Poolside Video - FLY
  3. Swimmer Three - Endless Pool - BR
  4. Swimmer Four - Endless Pool - FLY

What do I need to do a Stroke Analysis?

To perform a stroke analysis you will need a video of yourself swimming. We also provide a test video that licensees can use to carry out a practice analysis. Click here to download that file. The stroke in this film is Breaststroke, and it is slowed down to make it easier to analyse.

Stroke Analysis is only available to SwimOptimum licensees.

How do I do a Stroke Analysis?

To start analysing videos, licensees can click here or navigate to My SwimOptimum -> Stroke Analysis.

You should now click the "Create Self Stroke Analysis" link. This will take you to a page where you can enter the details of the video you want to analyse. Once you're done, click Next.

You will see the video on the left, and a set of areas of the stroke on the right. You can watch the video, and pick which of the areas you think best fits.

You can also loop the video, resize the video, step the video back and forward, slow it down or speed it up, and so on using the controls at the bottom of the video. Hover over the controls to find out what they do.

Once you are done, click Finish and you will be taken back to the My Stroke Technique Analyses page.

What about a more in-depth Stroke Analysis?

If you want a more in-depth analysis of your stroke, you can either ask that your Club Coach do one if your Club is registered with SwimOptimum, or you can purchase an analysis by Team SwimOptimum, which is made up from some of the best swimmers and coaches available, including Nick Gillingham, MBE and Olympic medallist.

You can do this either by clicking the Upgrade link next to a self-analysis or by clicking the Request SwimOptimum Analysis link.