Troubleshooting FAQ

What is Silverlight? Where do I get it? How do I use it?

Silverlight is a widely used Microsoft software component. SwimOptimum uses this in the Race Analysis Editor and Video Player. As a user, you only need to install it once per computer. To install it you should download it from the Microsoft website here and follow the installation instructions on the webpage.

My video(s) won't work

First make sure you have Silverlight installed. You can check by going to this page. If after this your video still doesn't work then check it is in a supported video format, and convert it if necessary.

My videos are not playing smoothly/properly

Some computers may not have a powerful enough processor to play video in the SwimOptimum video players without the videos slowing down. If you experience problems with this, we recommend you decrease the video quality. You can do this using HandBrake as described here.

Why can't I see the analyses of other swimmers in my club?

At SwimOptimum we have decided that swimmers' personal race analyses will be kept private to respect their privacy. However, race analyses of races at championship events and competitions (such as the European Junior Swimming Championships, Belgrade, 2011) are open to the public for viewing via your SwimOptimum Race Analysis Reports. Club coaches can see the analyses of all swimmers at their club.

Club Coaches

Why can't my swimmers see the analyses I did for them?

After you do an analysis you must ensure you publish the analysis otherwise it will remain invisible to the swimmer. At the Race Analysis and Stroke Analysis pages you should see a "Publish" link beside each unpublished analysis.

Have a question which we haven't answered?

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