Video Formats

SwimOptimum supports all video formats supported by Microsoft Silverlight, including any files with the H.264 encoding as well as the WMV1/2/3 encodings. This means that most .AVI, .MOV, .WMV and .MP4 files will be compatible, but the codec used for the video is most important. Nearly all modern cameras will create video files that are compatible.

If you have a problem loading your video, we recommend you try converting it using a free tool such as HandBrake. We have provided a set of instructions for using HandBrake to convert to a format that SwimOptimum supports.

Some computers may not have a powerful enough processor to play video in the SwimOptimum video players without slowing down. If you experience problems with this, we recommend you decrease the video quality using HandBrake.

Our two sample files have been encoded correctly, and you can use them to try out the various features of the site.

Click here to download the example Race Analysis video.

Click here to download the example Stroke Analysis video.